Goetta Hanky Panky Is the Most Cincinnati Super Bowl Food Ever 👩‍🍳

You can run and tell this: Goetta Hanky Panky is the most Cincinnati Super Bowl food imaginable. Or is it called Hanky Panks? Or … Pankies? (We need to decide on a standard, folks, you can vote on that below.)

Haven’t heard of the goetta ‘panks yet? Well, you have now! And this dish is more Cincinnati than a deep-seated hatred for the San Francisco 49ers. (Two times.)

Sure, the standard ol’ Hanky dish is a staple at any Cincinnati area celebration, but more and more folks are coming around to trying the non-traditional goetta as a protein substitute.

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Eight days of goetta: Goettafest expands to two cities, two weekends

NEWPORT, Ky. (WKRC) – Goettafest is back and bigger than ever.

This year, the festival is happening in two cities over the course of two weekends.

“We’ve been in Newport for years, and now that Covington has that new Covington plaza, we decided, ‘Hey, what a great opportunity to come back to Covington,’ because that’s where our factory is anyway,” director of marketing for Glier’s Meats Kerry Schall said.

Attendees will be able to start their day at Newport’s Festival Park and end it at the brand new Covington plaza, or vice-versa.

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Glier’s Goettafest Returns to Newport, Expands to Covington

NEWPORT, KY (WXIX) – Glier’s Goettafest is expanding to Newport and Covington and will take place over two weekends for a total of eight days.

The celebration of goetta will be held from July 29 through Aug. 1 and Aug. 5 through Aug. 8.

Queen City Riverboats will take people from Goettafest East at Newport’s Festival Park to Goettafest West at the new Covington Plaza.

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Gliers Goetta Adopting New Technology to Protect Workers During Pandemic

CINCINNATI — The COVID-19 pandemic has forced meat processors across the country to shut down — but not Glier’s Goetta in Covington.

The local company has stepped up its efforts to keep its workforce safe during the crisis by adopting a different type of technology that should provide an extra layer of protection and sanitization.

Glier’s is using an ionized hydrogen peroxide air purification system to reduce the spread of viruses and contamination. The purifier charges the air, continually disinfecting the air space 24/7.

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Glier’s Goetta uses special technology to keep workers safe during COVID-19 crisis

The meat industry is taking a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. A special device is helping one local business stay open while keeping employees safe and healthy.

President of Glier’s Meats, Dan Glier, said along with cleaning machinery each day, he has also placed an ionized air purification system in various rooms inside his factory.

“I think the whole industry is looking for the quote, “silver bullet”, and this is as close as I’ve ever come to finding the silver bullet,” Glier said.

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Dann Woellert’s New Book Explores the History of Goetta

If you want to split hairs, the hodgepodge of pinhead oats, pork, and beef known as goetta, or “gudda” (the original pronunciation), isn’t actually from Cincinnati—it’s from Covington. And if that doesn’t make you flip a table, then you’ll enjoy self-proclaimed food etymologist Dann Woellert’s look into the origins of gruetzwurst, or grain sausage, in his new book Cincinnati Goetta: A Delectable History (The History Press). At the start of his research, Woellert created a (still active) Facebook group, “Cincinnati’s Oldest Goetta Recipe,” and collected local recipes, some tracing back to northwest Germany, where 19th century peasants used oats as a binder to stretch out their ground meats. Have an old recipe of your own? Woellert’s book can pinpoint its origin based on the spice combination. Glier’s and Queen City Sausage get extensive coverage, but each owes its fried pork hinds to Louise Reinersman Finke and the Covington shop she started with her husband in 1876. Her legacy lives on with Bill Finke & Sons in Ft. Wright. The goetta is still (ahem) “gudda.”

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Goetta Have It

Glier’s Goettafest, an annual festival featuring the locally revered cuisine, is expanding into an eight-day event over two weekends. This year’s festival will take place at Newport’s Festival Park on the Levee July 25-28 and Aug. 1-4.

The first Goettafest was originally a thank you party for customers, says Kerry Schall, marketing director and special events coordinator at Glier’s Meats, Inc. The small goetta gathering was a big hit and the event gradually evolved into what it is today.

“We just couldn’t believe the support that the community had for this festival,” says Schall. “The next year, it became much more of a production and it has grown and grown ever since.”

Almost 20 years later, Goettafest is no longer a small party for goetta fanatics—the event hosted over 200,000 people in 2018 and Schall estimates over 300,000 festivalgoers will attend the double-weekend celebration this year.

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Glier’s Meats is Newest Honoree for the Goering Center’s Family Business Hall of Fame

 A 72-year old family business that has become synonymous with goetta, one of the unique foods associated with the Greater Cincinnati region, will be honored this year by the University of Cincinnati Goering Center for Family and Private Business. Glier’s Meats, a Cincinnati regional favorite since 1946, was named for its distinctive family business contributions to the region and its corporate citizenship that supports numerous charities. The company will be inducted into the Family Business Hall of Fame this September.

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