Steel-cut, or pinhead, oats are the secret ingredient to delicious Glier’s Goetta. The simple, unprocessed whole grain oats are high in fiber and protein, low in calories, rich in Vitamin-B, and a huge contributor to the fact that Glier’s Goetta is completely free of trans fats. Not to mention, they’re delicious. The nutty texture and taste pinhead oats lend to Glier’s Goetta is unique to any other breakfast sausage.

Goetta, that’s what we do.  We are goetta specialists, in fact.  We do it fresh.  We do it daily.  We do it with our family that’s done it for years.  We do goetta right.  Sometimes we kick up the spice, sometimes we feature turkey, sometimes we even make it with beef.  But there is no doubt that the goetta we do is good for all times.

What we do at Glier’s Goetta is just as much about who we are as what we craft.  We are still owned and operated by the Gliers who perfected the recipe.  We are proud to be planted firmly at our historic location near the grand Ohio River, 533 Goetta Place.  We are a carefully trained and dedicated team of goetta professionals who slow-cooks and hand-stirs every batch of goetta in the same kettles Robert Glier used over 60 years ago.

We invite you to wander through our Glier Family kitchen.  Unveil our secret ingredient, taste each and every variety, educate yourself on the nutritional values of our homemade handiwork.  Let us even share with you the sausages we craft; learn more here about Oktoberfest Brand Sausage.

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